Urban Agroecology Reference Materials



2013 Report on California Legislation Related to Food & Farming

Agriculture & Health - Addressing the Vital Links

Building Resilient City/Regional Food Systems - New Concepts, Lessons, & Recommendations

Building Sustainable Farms - USDA Guide to Funding Opportunities

Community Garden Legal Toolkit

Cultivate LA - An Assessment of Urban Agriculture in Los Angeles County

Decentralization Agricultural Extension - Lessons and Good Practice

Decentralized Aerobic Composting of Urban Solid Wastes

Developing A Sustainable Food System

Fresh Food Distribution Models for Los Angeles

Integration of Agriculture in Urban Policies

LA Sustainability "pLAn" - 2015

LA Urban Agriculture Plan - DakeLuna, Perkins+Will

Landowner’s Guide to Leasing Land for Farming

Local Planning for Urban Agriculture in North America

Multi-functional Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Land Use Planning in the United States

Overcoming Barriers to Cultivating Urban Agriculture

Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

Sample Zoning for Agriculture-like and Urban Agriculture

Sustainable Urban Decentralization

Tending the Seeds - Emergence of a New US Agriculture

The Potential Role of Urban Agriculture in Regenerating our Urban Areas

Urban Agriculture - Justification & Planning Guidelines

Urban Agriculture - A Planning Approach to Urban Food Systems

Urban Agriculture & Sustainable Food Systems - Resource Guide for Local Leaders

Urban Agriculture, Atlanta, & the Regulatory Context

Urban Food Jungle - AECOM



Before It's Too Late: Make Urban Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate

Creating Space for Sustainable Food Systems in Urban Communities

Disaster: City Case Studies - Cuba, Lessons in Risk Reduction

Food, Agriculture, & Cities: Food & Nutrition Security, Agriculture, & Ecosystem Management in an Urbanizing World

Resilient Urban Food Systems - Opportunities, Challenges, & Solutions

The Role of Urban Agriculture in Building Resilient Cities

Urban Agriculture - A Growing Field Of Research

Urban Agricultural Production Potential & Crop Water Footprint

Urban & Peri‐urban Agriculture & Forestry as a Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Urban Agriculture For Sustainable Poverty Alleviation & Food Security

Urban Agriculture Impacts - Social, Health, & Economic

Urban Agriculture, Climate Change, & Food Security



Commercial Food Production Plan for the City of Toronto

Farming in the City - Boston Globe op-ed

Farming Inside Cities - Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture in the USA

Global Assessment of Urban & Peri-Urban Ag: Irrigated & Rain-fed Cropland

Guidebook for Roof Gardens

Havana's Urban Agriculture: Strategies & Engagements in Alternative Development

Hungry for Land - Small Farmers Feed The World (GRAIN)

Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Developing Countries

Towards Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba

Urban Agriculture: Global Analysis of Space Constraint to meet Demand

Urban Agriculture in Havana: A Popular Response to a Crisis

Urban Agriculture - A Global Analysis of the Space Constraint to Meet Urban Vegetable Demand

Urban Agriculture - Findings from Four City Case Studies

Urban & Peri-Urban Agriculture in Kyiv: "Crisis Induced Strategy vs Recreational Resource"

User Benefits of Urban Agriculture In Havana, Cuba



Brownfield Remediation - Solutions for Urban Agriculture

Evaluation of Urban Soils - Suitability for Green Infrastructure or Urban Agriculture (EPA)

Practical Guide to Soil Contamination & Urban Agriculture

Soil and Water Assessment Techniques

Soil Safety Guide for Urban Food Growers - Johns Hopkins

Soils in Urban Agriculture - UC Extension

Urban Farming: Lead Problems and Remediation Solutions

Urban Gardening - Managing Risks of Contaminated Soil



Attracting Wildlife

Barcelona Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity Plan 2020

Bee Conservation at the Global, Regional, and National Levels

Biodiversity & Riparian Areas

Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development

Biodiversity and Cities - A Bibliography

Biodiversity Council Aids Land Use Planners

Biodiversity Discovery - NPS

Biodiversity for Kids - A Teacher's Guide

Biodiversity & Urban Environment: Importance of Indigenous Species & How Urban Environments Can Preserve Them

Biological Resources, Biodiversity, & Climate Change in Los Angeles - UCLA

Branding Biodiversity - the New Nature Message

California Coastal Chaparral Pollinator Plants

California Plants For Native Bees

California Pollinator Plant List

Colony Collapse Disorder Action Plan (USDA)

Cities & Biodiversity Outlook - Action & Policy

Conservation Priorities for a Biodiversity Hotspot

Conserving Biodiversity Efficiently - What to Do, Where, and When

Conserving Urban Biodiversity

Economic Relevance of Biodiversity

Ecosystems & Biodiversity - the Role of Cities

Enhancing Biodiversity in Urban Ecosystems - Bird Habitat Contributions of Green Roofs

Essential Biodiversity Variables - Policy Forum

European Pollinator Initiative

Final Report of International Pollinator Workshop 2012 - Church House, London

Green Roofs & Biodiversity

Handbook of Biodiversity Valuation - A Guide for Policy Makers

How Our Health Depends on Biodiversity

How to Attract and Maintain Pollinators in Your Garden

Integrated Crop Pollination - From Concept to Reality

Integrated Pest Management - Wikipedia

Integrating Urban Biodiversity into Ecosystem Based Adaptation - Durban

Landscape Biodiversity Planning & Design System - AECOM

Luxury of Vegetation & Tree Biodiversity in Los Angeles, CA

Managing Alternative Pollinators

Mitigating Climate Change Through Food and Land Use

Modelling Pollination Services Across Agricultural Landscapes - Oxford

National Strategy to Promote Pollinator Health 2015

Neonicotinoids In Your Garden

NPS Rim of the Valley Corridor - Los Angeles

Pollinator Collapse Mitigation Recommendations for the Executive Branch

Pollinator Habitat Assessment Form & Guide

Pollinator Plants for California

Pollinator Syndromes (Traits) Chart

Pollinator-Friendly Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Federal Lands

Pollinators & Pesticides (Center for Food Safety)

Precautionary Principle - Wikipedia

Presidential Memorandum - Federal Strategy to Promote Health of Honey Bees & Pollinators

Protecting Bees From Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Your Garden

Scaling up from Gardens - Biodiversity Conservation in Urban Environments

Selecting Plants for Pollinators

Southern California Pollinator Plant List

Urban Agriculture, Forestry, & Biodiversity Protection – A Strategy for Urban Water, Energy, & Food Security

Urban Ecology Strategic Action Plan - Sydney

Urban Habitats as a Refuge for Biodiversity - A case study in Greece

Urbanization, Biodiversity, and Conservation

USAID Biodiversity Policy

Using Farm Bill Programs for Pollinator Conservation

White House Pollinator Memorandum

White House Pollinator Research Action Plan 2015

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