Andrew Douglas

Founder, Director of Operations

Andrew Douglas is an advocate and social sector consultant operating at the nexus of environmental, social, and food justice. He has been an advisor to Museum Tamal, a consultant for Community Health Councils, and a project manager for Metabolic Studio. He has served as an international delegate for the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, is on the Environment Committee for the 2nd Supervisor District Empowerment Congress, and is a member of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council’s Urban Agriculture Strategy Team. He advises for the Architecture & Design Department at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, sits on the Leadership Committee for the Spring Street Community Garden, and is a Board Member of the non-profit WeTap. He presently co-chairs Earth Day LA with co-hosts National Parks Service and Audubon Society.

From an early age, amidst national politics in the DC area and inspired by family in civil service, he has been active in enumerable  political and legislative campaigns. An activist-turned-advocate, he has been a featured speaker at March Against Monsanto, Occupy, film screenings, local schools, colleges, etc...

His present body of advocacy work is rooted in municipal policy initiatives in Los Angeles. Prior to his non-profit career he was a writer, the critical thinking and research aptitudes from which greatly informs his strategic analyses. His prolific body of work as a writer and independent producer spans from the Palo Institute of Molecular Medicine to Mad Caw Productions (Daily Show, Colbert Report, etc).

He has been - and always will always be - a writer, grower, and bully-slayer. Whatever it takes.

Ava Post Koo

Founder, Director of Citizen Science & Sustainability

Ava Post is a plant scientist and urban ecologist dedicated to food, social and environmental justice. She has a B.Sc. in Plant Sciences from Cornell University, is a Certified California Naturalist and holds an AAS in Ornamental Horticulture from Farmingdale State College. She independently campaigned and changed an urban agriculture zoning law in Huntington, New York to allow residential husbandry of ducks and chickens, managed an organic floral team for specialty cut flower clients in Manhattan and a local CSA at Fox Hollow Farm, was a teacher in the Nature, Ecology and Design program at Usdan Center for Performing Arts, a teaching assistant in the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants at Cornell University, and developed a new course for Cornell called "Sustainability = Justice," which steered the Agriculture and Life Sciences department away from the idea of sustainability as personal responsibility into one of collective action by analyzing environmental issues through intersectional lenses of social justice including race, gender, class and economic systems. She created a first of its kind aquaponics and urban ecology curriculum and designed the lab for 11th and 12th grade high school ecology credit at the 5 Keys Charter School at the San Francisco County Jail, and has created on an online and ongoing Urban Flora of Los Angeles. 

A fierce social, racial, gender and environmental justice advocate, Ava has worked as the volunteer coordinator, fundraising assistant and deputy registrar for current Councilmember David Ryu’s campaign for LA City Council District 4, where they enfranchised thousands of previously unregistered voters to elect the first Korean American representative in LA city history. She has worked to support progressive and organizations such as UCLA’s American Indian Association, KyotoNOW! & Assembly for Justice at Cornell University, and Independent Science News. Ava is currently a part of the Environmental Committee of the Empowerment Congress, a member of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council Urban Agriculture Working Group, and a member of the Jordan Downs Environmental Justice Coalition.  

Today Ava continues to dedicate herself towards innovating, collaborating, teaching and creating just food systems and environmental restoration actions that leaves no one behind.

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